100 images online today!!!...

As I have now reached the milestone of 100 images online, I want to tell you my story with Dreamtimes.

Long time ago, in December 2007, being intrigued by the possibility to sell images online, I decided to submit a series of photos on this site. To be precise, I uploaded about 15 photos. I thought they were very nice, mostly related to shooting pictures of plants and vegetation covered by ice and snow.

I remember that I spent a long time to set up those images, to generate the keywords and to upload them to the site.

For this reason, I was very disappointed when I discovered that had been accepted only one image out of fifteen: this one.

For such disappointment I decided not to charge other images on this site.

After more than three years, during which I completely forgot about that single loaded image, I received an e-mail from Dreamstime asking me to fill in the form of income tax returns.

Intrigued by this strange request, I recovered my password and went back on the site of Dreamstime. With my surprise I found the photo I uploaded three years before ascended to the level 2 and my earning was about $4.

I thought that if I earned $4 with a single photo, then may be I could earn $40 with 10 photo, and $400 with 100 photos.

But, above all, I thought that if, compared to 15 photos that I uploaded, Dreamstime had selected the one that was then sold,

this meant that their selection process was certainly valid.

Now from about six months I regularly load the photos on this site, using some tools that help me to speed up the keywording process.

My acceptance rate typically exceeds 40%, and today I have reached the milestone of 100 photos online. And the last nine images upoaded have been all accepted!!

For the future I plan to continue with this speed that I think is adequate to achieve in the next few years a suitable number of images online.

I think also that you are a great community of photographers that encourage the members to improve their tecniques and to increase their passion for photography.

Photo credits: Claudio Balducelli.

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A great story! Thanks for waking me up... I need to get back to uploading! Good luck with your next 100!


Congratulazioni :)


Congratulations, good luck for your sales!


Congrats! Great photos




Thanks to everyone for the encouragement!!


Congratulations, grande traguardo!!!


Congrats and keep uploading;good luck with the sales!


Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work.


Congratulations you're doing great.


Congratulations!! Keep uploading and you'll have more online images...


A new milestone!!!!!!!


You definitely have a point here, never give up the opportunity to be a better photographer while still can earn some side income.



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