100 photos online or 100 sales, which come first?

Dear friends,

I am quite anxious waiting for the result, 100 photos online or 100 sales, which will come first to me? At the moment, I have 98 photos approved and 97 sales. I have about 8 photos pending for approval. How about you, my friends, which one of yours came first?

© Meobeo

I came to DT at first, as a place to try myself and to see if my photos are marketable. But after some times, I realise that DT help me to improve my techniques a lot as well as changing the way I take photos.

© Meobeo

Thanks DT and all my dear friends on DT.


© Meobeo
© Meobeo
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© Meobeo

Photo credits: Meobeo.

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Today I have 100 sales and 103 photos online. It is marvelous. Thanks DT!


best thing is that it will happen both at the same day
already congratulations :D


Your photos are really nice and it's hard to say which will come first. Good luck with both :)


At the moment, my profile says that I have 98 file online and 99 sales!
I do hope that tomorrow I have at least 2 more photos accepted and 1 more sales. That would be a vey happy day for me.


I do hope that 100 online and 100 sales come to me at the same day.


Great portfolio! I don't upload a lot so I had 100 sales first. I'm not even at 200 uploads yet :(


Me too.


For me, I had 100 photos online first.

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