100 photos, trying new subjects, and enjoying all of this

This morning I was happy to see that I've added my 100th photo. And then more! 116 in total. Nice!

I'm also glad that some of my latest have made it. The new photos are a change. I've been doing a ton of landscapes. This time around a few climbers, wagon wheels, and train wheels. Oh, and some interesting colored bricks (no kidding).

I couldn't get the train in because it has the name of the rail company that used to own it (now defunct). Disappointing, but I understand the copyright / trademark concerns. But the train was neat too! I'll need to go read the forums regarding signs on subjects.

Thanks to the folks on the forums suggesting I vary to other items beyond landscape. I just got my 3rd MR, and spent the weekend climbing and taking photos. Now I've gotta sort photos!

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