100% A.R.

Dear friends, today I want to talk about "Acceptance Ratio". Since I joined to Dreamstime, January 2011 is the first month that I have 100% A.R. and for me it's a great satisfaction!!!

Other months I have come close to this goal and finally it was happened :-) I think AR is a very important element for each contributor and if it is high, we understand what is better accepted on DT, then what "potentially" could better sell. It has already been discussed many times in this topic, but I am of the opinion that AR plays a key role on placement of our files in the DT database.

Obviously AR is added to other factors:"Title, description and keywords" that are really the "most important".

Just out of curiosity, my average AR is 91,3%, what is yours?

Have a good day!!! Bye, Francesca

Photo credits: Rasà Messina Francesca.

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February 15, 2013


impressive, I think what this illustrates once again is how much easier it is to be an illustrator with software as your brush. its 1000 percent harder to be a photog and theres a 1000 times more competition in stock, it is for this reason that I think the two should be separate in DT different sites/sections and the AR is really not comparable.

February 25, 2011


Impressive! I don't think AR makes a big difference in placement - it would be hard to imagine a case where relevancy is similar enough that AR would be the only differentiator. In any case, I think AR is very important for no other reason than it saves you time - let no image go unused!

February 23, 2011


Congratulations!very very good works!

February 19, 2011


Really a great job,don't think there are lots of people with such an hight AR around here.

February 15, 2011


Thankssss!!!!! :-) This month i have 11/11 accepted!

February 13, 2011


Congratulations! Your acceptance is very high outspoken. I am also working.

February 10, 2011


Great! Congratulations!

February 09, 2011


It says a great deal about the quality of your portfolio.... which I admire. David

February 09, 2011


Thank you all again!!!

February 08, 2011



February 08, 2011


Congratulations, Francesca! I'm still waiting to have a month with 100% AR.

February 08, 2011


Congrats! my A.I. is 86.2%

February 04, 2011


Wow, very high AR. My average AR only have 59.6%.

February 04, 2011


Thanks for your comments!
Physi28 Me too, also because there is always something to learn from refusals :-)
Roberto1977 18 months without refusals? You are a legend!
For Photographers all I think for the photographer is much more difficult compared to illustrators. There are several factors to consider:lens quality, lights, noise, composition,etc...
Bye, Francesca!

February 04, 2011


Wow! great achievement.

February 03, 2011


I have 77.6% in this moment. Your 91,3% is really high

February 03, 2011


I just started, learning from every file rejected...a bit above 30%. But I'm greatful to DT for maintaining the level of quality of my portfolio.
Congratulations on your achievement!

February 03, 2011


Wow, thats really amazing, congrats,

February 03, 2011


I have only 44,2%. But for me this is a good AR. Because when I came here..for 4 months i was at 22% :D

February 03, 2011


That`s wonderful! I have 48,5 % right now, and I`m trying to get to 50 % soon :)
Good luck Francesca!

February 03, 2011


Wow, 100% is quite an achievement, good job. I seem to hover around 75%.

February 03, 2011


congrats! my AR is 81,8 % and I am trying not to get too involved with this factor but it is true that once you get used you accept badly a refusal, hopefully it has a meaning on placement..

February 03, 2011


Amazing... A year ago I was around 30%, now my acceptance ratio is 57%, and trying the get higher.

February 03, 2011


Wow thats some achievement

February 03, 2011


Yes, it does work out better to reject from our side before submitting to Dreamstime. Give them only the best, and nothing else

almost 3 years old, i have been hovering in the 70% mark. but the past few months I have critically edited my uploaded work to happily see 100% most times.
It's wonderful to know you succeed sooner to go for quality vs quantity.
. Tutti beni :)

February 03, 2011


Great! :-)
I had 18 months with 100% A.R., but with an average of 20 uploads/month. My average is 87.4% (in the first two months I thought I had many good photos....).

February 03, 2011


Congratulations for your goal !!!!
My A.R. is only 36,5%.

February 03, 2011


91.3% is really high. Welcome done!

February 03, 2011



February 03, 2011


I have 56%. Your 91,3 is great. Congrats.
I bet your big numbers are big 'cause your exclusive.
I love your illustrations, they are great.

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