100 uploads... at last

It was started back on October 2008. After many readings about this weird "microstock" things on many blogs, I decided to give it a shot and applied as a contributor here at DT. I did know that I loved photography but I surely didn't know how this thing works. What I surely know (and I believe so) is that you will not really know it until you jump right into it. So, I jumped in! I want to experience it!

I scraped a bunch of images of mine and started picking up what I thought were good and artistic enough and uploaded them... and surprisingly found that 80% of them were... REJECTED!!!

That really was demotivating as I was struggling with my ego for what image on earth is decent enough for them?

Along the way, I was experiencing rejections over rejections. Give up?? I honestly had thought of it for many times, but then I realized, it was me who decided to jump right in..

No way!! I have to take this chance to prove to my self (at least) that I can swim across.

Right now, rejection is just another lesson for me to learn. This course definitely is a "learning by doing" process.

Though I have only generated a few sales to date, today is my moment to celebrate my small milestone, my short-term goal... 100 uploads!

What a relieve... LOL.

No no no, wait... and another goal... 70% acceptance ratio! And also another sale, as a bonus!

Wow.... I'm so so happy.

Love you all guys! I've learned a lot form you all, both Admins and fellow Contributors.

God Bless U all and never give up on your dreams.



Here's the lucky 100th image.

And here's the lucky image just sold today

Photo credits: Ampyang.

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Thank you for the support guys!
Wish you all a much better achievement this year.





Congrats! Go on for the 1000!


Congratulations, good luck with the future uploads and many sales.


Well done to you and continued success.
Peristence pays off as you have shown.

Good luck!


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