1000 views on my account as of today

I do tend to keep a close eye on my site statistics and noticed that as of today my images have had a total of exactly 1000 views.

British Railways Logo

this image, at 94 views, represents almost 10% of the total.

I do realise that views do not automatically equal sales, but on the other hand I do not expect images to be able to sell well if nobody is getting to see them.

What I now need to do is to dramatically increase the size of my portfolio which should increase the views - and also hopefully the sales.

Photo credits: Neil Machin.
  • Neilmachin
  • Skipton, United Kingdom
I have been taking photographs for many years. I started out with black and white film and a wet darkroom, and whilst I do miss that now I can also see the advantages of converting to digital.
I believe that over those years the standard of my photography has improved which is why I have decided to begin submitting images to Dreamstime. I have many images which I am confident will be of the required standard, but I also have plenty of ideas for new images to create and/or find.

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October 21, 2011

It would be a good sign for DT to start feautering more of contributor with small data base and not so much large contribtor. If its good enough to for DT stock then why not, a few this week , then another the following week, we are all looking for exposure and hope to be a large contributor at DT. Do any one see it the way i see it ?Let me here your openion. Thanks


September 23, 2011

The best way to get views is to get an image selected as an editor's choice. Aim for that quality and creativity in every image. Also, joining collections will help your view count.


September 23, 2011

I can tell you views is a funny way of looking at it, you get lots of view on one photo and no sale then sale on those with not many view. If they are looking some one will buy. Keep the faith.


June 30, 2011

Good idea!! Congrats!


June 30, 2011

Well done, congratulations.


June 30, 2011

Yeah, ur last sentence is the tough part. :-)


June 30, 2011

Good luck for your portfolio...and your sales!


June 30, 2011

Great idea! Good luck and have fun with increasing your portfolio!