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1000th sale!

Fellow DT'ers... I'm celebrating my 1000th sale. By many standards, my progress has been slow... a bit over 3 years.

But - for all of you that are just getting start, I share this advice: keep taking great pictures. Persistence is a great method for refining your skills.

Here's the photo that made the 1000th sale.... its a photo that I was never sure would even be approved and almost didn't submit. Wouldn't that have been a pity. To date it has racked up 44 sales.

Let that be a lesson too... I know the pressure to preserve one's approval rate - but don't be afraid to take a chance on a photo. It might just become your best-seller.

Photo credits: David Watts Jr..

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September 22, 2011



March 12, 2010


Thanks to each of you for your kind wishes. I am glad we share the sentiment that it is good to sometimes take risks with our photos... best wishes to each of you.

March 11, 2010


That's a great achievement, congratulations! I can understand why you thought the photo in your blog might not be approved - I often get rejections because of lack of DOF. And yet it's a great shot, a great seller and a good reminder, as you are saying, that it worth taking some risks.

March 11, 2010


Nice image, congrats on all the sales and may there be many more.

March 11, 2010


Congratulations David.

March 11, 2010


Congratulations David! I wish you good luck reaching your next goal :)

March 11, 2010


Congratulations, thanks for your great advice! :)

March 11, 2010


First of all, congratulations!!! And secondly, thank you for sharing that story! Taking chances is a big part of being a stock photographer, and if we worry too much about our approval rating, we won't submit photos, we won't learn from our mistakes, and we will never improve. I can only hope that one day I can celebrate 1000 sales too. :-) You have given me hope. :-)

March 11, 2010


Wow, congratulations!!! 1000 is a very big number.

March 11, 2010



March 11, 2010



March 11, 2010


wow! Congratulations! What's your next milestone?

March 11, 2010


Great job, congratulations.

March 11, 2010


Congratulations :)

March 11, 2010


congratulations and really well done,great pictures!

March 11, 2010


Congratulations for your success!

March 11, 2010



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