100th image online

It took me 8-9 months to get 100 images online. As many other beginners, at the onset I thought it would be an easy hobby with some financial inflow. It isn't :-).

I am very grateful to DT for keeping up the competition spirit in me. I have set (a very vague) target and will stick to it. So far, I know being around DT helped me:

1. Learn basic composition rules and start understanding what makes a successful image (not that I'm able to create them at this stage :-)

2. I have improved my Photoshop skills a great deal -

layers, masks, creating shadows, advantages of RAW format, a bit of retouching (recently managed to 'transplant' my friend's head to a naked woman body).

3. Stock photography takes efforts, time and energy.

To take white water rafting pictures we had to hire a pickup, travel 5 miles, climb beneath a bridge and sitting on rocks (under rain) wait for nearly 20 minutes (my wife was protecting the camera with an umbrella). Dirty, wet, tired - but happy with 4-5 decent photos :-). For those of us who do not have studios, a 'studio' shoot means assembling all the equipment, bringing all the props you needed for a shoot, and when finished - you have to pack all the equipment back, stick it under sofa, put everything back to place and clean up (in your bedroom? living area?).

Well, it has been a very fruitful process. I've just started and will keep going - it's a loooooong way :-).

Again, I'd like to thank DT community and administrators - you're a great photography school for people like me.

Photo credits: Cornelius20, Nazar Niyazov.

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May 20, 2011


Great article and great result !

February 03, 2011


Thanks a lot, guys!

February 01, 2011



February 01, 2011


Well done... Congratulations... Great images.

February 01, 2011


Congratulations and good luck continues!

February 01, 2011


Dear DT dwellers :-), thank you for your warm words and encouragement. I also wish you good luck!

February 01, 2011


Well done, great portfolio!
Good luck for what's ahead.. and you're right "It's a long way to the top if you wanna Rock'n'Roll" ...screeching voice ;)

February 01, 2011


Congrats! Belive me, next 100 will be easier :)

February 01, 2011


Great portfolio! Congratulations for your achievement and good luck for the future!

February 01, 2011


Congrats and good luck!

February 01, 2011


Great work :-)

Brett. UK.

February 01, 2011


well done!

February 01, 2011


Nice portfolio. Congratulations! :)

February 01, 2011


Congratulations,well done!

February 01, 2011


Nice photo. Congratulations!

February 01, 2011


Tesekkurler, Serdar bey

February 01, 2011


Congrats ...

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