The 100th Photo -- Waterfall

I am so happy that this is the 100th photo I had been upload.


© Cczbb

Photo credits: Cczbb.

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January 26, 2009


Very nice photo! I find it very hard to make an acceptable picture of a waterfall. There are so many things to consider. Often the light is rather dim, the contrasts are harsh, and you have to decide what effect you want to create. While I already experimented with ND filters in order to create the impression of silky, flowing water, I was not very content with the results. So, for most of my waterfall pics I also use a very short exposure time. Well done!

October 22, 2008


Very nice, congratulations!

October 22, 2008


Having just reached 50 myself, I cannot not congratulate you on reaching the 100 milestone! Well done!

October 22, 2008


Very nice shot, Good luck to you.

October 22, 2008



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