12 Inspirations of Portrait Photography

Whenever you are going to take portrait photos, please remember to look into this blog again. It might help you a little …………..

1. Working with PhotoShop

The wonderful latter part of work might bring you lots of new ideas, especially to cover the shortage of digit photography in color range and itself. Of course, the latter part of work in black & white is also very important for films.

2. Recording Wrinkles

If your target has very deep wrinkles, or the other factors of texture, it might brighten your pictures a lot.

3. Over-exposure

In the light background, over-exposure will effect very special feeling – especially when the strong contrast between light and shadow existing in images.

4. Reducing exposure

For the images with most space in black, reducing exposure may stand the bright part, like cheek.

5. Backlighting

The shape of hair will surprise you a lot in backlighting.

6. Posing

Get crazy with the pose and positioning — extra points if it looks uncomfortable. Not only with the poses, but also with your own positioning — shot from different angles to achieve different impacts.

7. Culture Atmosphere

Special cultural surrounding and atmosphere is really interesting for your pictures.

8. Reflections

Make use of different surfaces to add that extra dimension — windows, mirrors, and water are all very good reflective surfaces that give a different result and texture.

9. Showing shadows

Photography is the art of light, the nature is the are of shadow too.

10. Close-up Shot

If the angle is correct, a close-up of portrait’s face will impress everyone – lips, eyes, hair…….

11. Out-of-foucus

Out-of-focus subjects can be more interesting than the in-focus subjects. It kind of adds some mystery to the image because you can’t quite make out who that person is.

12. Catching the moment

Well, please look into Antoine D’Agata’s pictures, which explain this perfectly.

© Lhj

Photo credits: Huijie Li.

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