12 Most Downloaded Construction Collages

People are always builders. We like to create, invent, make things better, more beautiful and more comfortable. We like to build things up, to tear them down, and build them up again. No wonder images about builders and construction sites and tools are often searched buy designers and advertising agencies. They are pretty strong conceptual images as well. Good to depict the advancement in business, education, life...

Here is a collection of 12 most downloaded construction collages.

Royalty-free construction images:

© Mikdam
© Maigi
© Maigi
© Allx
© Kuzma

Photo credits: Aleksandar Kosev, Aprescindere, Atm2003, Chad Mcdermott, Davidmartyn, Denise Kappa, Kuzma, Maigi, Mikael Damkier, Sandra Cunningham.

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Good picture! Good Blog! Congratulations!!!


You have a great portfolio, Jennifer! It just needs more time and exposure. Check out those keywords, which buyers have used uploading your photos, it might give some more inspiration. Check out add pages on magazines, newspapers, when traveling around look at billboards and posters. You will get lots of inspiration. :)) Thanks for your comment!


My pf is just above 350 and I'm running out of ideas already, I'm glad I came across this blog, I think I'll try it myself. Thanks for sharing, Maigi!


Congratulations! Your images are evocative and representative, I like very much!


It is splendid to see them, they are very modern now - I hace even see a calendar with such kind of images. Great collection!


Great pieces of hard work!


Thank you, Marianne. Good luck!


Great collections. And fun to put together. Inspired to try some more myself.


Clever. :)) Thank you, guys, for your comments!


Nice ones, Maigi. I make a lot of simple collages for family so I won't have to print out so many single images for them ;))


Great photos!!!


Great choise of collages. Bravo. Maigi. Best regards! :)


Very nice images!I like collages of photos very much and most of them are very good:)


Great selection Maigi! I've been trying for a while but it's much harder to do than it seems! Apart from the borders (thanks for explaining below), it's hard to find complementary images, with an exposure or colours that work well together.

I notice that on some collages, some images have a line in the middle to keep the symmetry. Although it does look nice as a collage, does it not defeat a bit the purpose? What's your opinion about that?

Also I always wonder what kind of size to use for the overall collage, whether to reduce the size of the individual pictures or not, as it has an impact on the usage of the photo but also the downloading price. Any advice?


:) you are welcome!


Dear Maen and Maigi!
Thank you very much for advice! So simple and it never came in my mind =)))


Thanks for all your comments! :)
Julia, you can draw border lines on separate layer and then fit photos into frames on lower layer. Have fun!
PS: Okay, now I noticed that Maen already recommended that. Good advice. :)


very cool stuff!! thanks!


Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!


very inspiring


Great collages!!


Julia they are not necessary separated! Pass the line shapes over! ;)


Great collages. Thanks for sharing!

And a question:
How do people make them? I tried several times in Photoshop, but don't understand how to keep distance between parts equal. Is there any way to do it easily? Thank you very much for help in advance ;)


Those are great Maigi! No wonder they are the most downloaded!
I gave it a try on some patterns college but still waiting for a buyer :)))
Thanks for sharing ;)


There are several pros and cons with collages, but when wisely select images to composition, then some topics are worth to try.


Great images Maigi! I've been looking at collages for a while and it seems that a well constructed collage on any subject seems to sell well. They look great too :)


Nice collages. I should start creating some collages too....


Great images! Thanks for sharing them, Maigi!


These images are great...

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