150 online thanks to my vacation

After a couple of months of being to busy to shoot and just not having it in me I went on a great vacation and came back relaxed and motivated. everything I have uploaded since I returned is from my vacation. I figured that I would show a couple of the shots from my vacation.

From the island of Cozumel Mexico

Punta Sur Beach wave

Crashing Waves

Punta Sur Beach

From Isla Rotan Hondurans

Tropical Waterfall

Photo credits: EmeraldUmbrellaStudio.
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  • EmeraldUmbrellaStudio
I have grown to find beauty in a lot of things, I have a love for everything from the old and tarnished to the modern shiny and strange with a particular love for glass and beautiful landscapes. Most of my stock comes from everyday life and that includes ShopEmeraldUmbrella.com items which are alot of my more unique props. 2015 will be a year of strange and cool with a few adventures & misadventures along the way. Not everything that I shoot makes it to stock so feel free to watch at http://www.EmeraldUmbrellaStudio.com If you have any sort of comment or criticism or requests feel free to comment on one of my images.

Thank you for reading & have a wonderful year.


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December 10, 2009

thanks for all of the compliments, it was a great trip, the next 2 cruises are going to be on the oasis of the sea and the epic (2010)


December 10, 2009

Looks like you had an awesome vacation! Beautiful images!!


December 10, 2009

Nice images! I especially like how the clouds look.


December 10, 2009

beautiful images and relaxing summer...


December 10, 2009

great images, one place i've never been too - hope you had a great time


December 09, 2009

Nice images, there is nothing like a holiday to get the juices flowing again. Looks like you had a blast and relaxed, shows in the images, congrats.


December 09, 2009

Love the Punta Sur Beach Wave - nice photos!


December 09, 2009

great ones and wonderful places


December 09, 2009

Looks like a gorgeous vacation! I usually upload a few photos after a trip, but never 150 yet. :)


December 09, 2009

Excellent images! Looks like a great holiday :0)


December 09, 2009

Nice vacation photos!I wish to be there:)


December 09, 2009

fantastic images! well done on your milestone :)


December 09, 2009

Lovely views & great vacations! Cheers ;)


December 09, 2009

Wow, thanks for showing them. Really good photos.