17 cents which drive me crazy...

Yesterday I had to cut my nails very short... as I am nervously biting them last days... The reason is simple - I am 17 cents short to pick my first payout on DT.

The balance stopped moving two weeks ago and refuses to rise - and nothing helps - I already started to talk to that number - asking it to go up, commanding, begging, hypnotizing and using psi-forces to push it beyond payout limit... but with no success...

It really can drive one crazy, when reward is within reach of hand and yet still untouchable...


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April 12, 2013


Hahahaha, son your payment will arrive!!

April 12, 2013


Thank you my friends - this is first time somebody said I am doing good work... so with payout already reached the positive punch is double :)
@ TMarchev - If you are willing to buy one of my images despite the fact I already reached the payout limit just tell me which one, than buy it and I will buy one of yours as payback (1c sales)... I have some credits from blogging left unused... ;)

April 12, 2013


Hahahah if you not get paid now... i can buy your image:)

April 12, 2013


Soon they will arrive. You have great images, congratulations.

April 12, 2013


The first payout takes the longest. Keep up the good work, and the next one will be quicker!

April 12, 2013


YES! finally :) yesterday evening I found one more sale, which pushed the numbers beyond payout limit... That is a big relief...

I have to thank the buyer, who decided to end my suffering :) - Thank you, who ever did that ( - I suspect it was a friendly act of fellow community member, as there were no search words related to the purchase - thus not a regular "search and buy" purchase... )

And as this will be the first money cashed on DT, it is time to evaluate... - Well, it took 2,5 years to earn 100 bucks... - not very encouraging... but at least I have things to think about... When I started back in 2010 my goal was 1 payout per month, so many things have to change - mostly time allocation and attitude...

April 11, 2013


so have you made it yet????

April 10, 2013


My last cash out was US$0.20 short with a lull period of no sale for about 2 weeks or so.

April 10, 2013


Hah!I beleve you!)))Waiting is a hrdest thing!))))

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