175th anniversary of the battle commemorated

In the first days of april 2006 in Siedlce 175th anniversary of the battle of Iganie was commemorated. Reenactment groups from Poland staged that historical event.

Few thousand people came to the place of the battle of Iganie to watch soldiers wearing traditional military uniforms of Polish uprising army from the year 1831. 2-gi Pułk Xsięstwa Warszawskiego (2nd Regiment of the Warsaw Dutchy), equipped with historical weapons fouhgt against other reenacting groups. Cannons and muskets were shooting thunderously, smoke covered the battlefield...

Please, tell me: do you like reenactment events? And maybe you are active member of reenactment movement?

Everyone is kindly welcome to post its comments and opinions.


If you saw reconstruction of the battle of Iganie, please send me a comment about that event.

Photo credits: Leonid Karelin, Jaroslaw Grudzinski.

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May 21, 2008


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