1800 images online.

Hi all, I reached another milestone today. I have passed the 1800 mark for images accepted here on DT. Here are a few of my latest creations. I am especially happy with the clown invitation, as I made that ceramic figure for my son when he was just a baby, now he is 37, so, all you young folks out there, cherish every moment because before you know it, you are looking back and asking, "Where did the time go?" So, LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE, (and get the picture whenever you can)

Wedding invitation White ribbons

Wedding invitation background

Orchids and ivy Wedding invitation

Ivy Hydrangea floral border Wedding invitation

Birthday Party Invitation Clown border

Photo credits: Irisangel.
  • Irisangel
Art has always been a part of my life. Photography was a natural part of the evolution. I have a closet full of cameras and lenses, including a 3D camera. All of which are gathering dust since digital cameras came along and changed the world. For the past 15+ years I have been trying to learn all I can about post production and digital art. Even after all these years, I know I have not even begun to scratch the surface of all there is to know. And so, the journey continues.

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Amazing. Love your work!


Congratulations Peg!


Wow, i'll have to work few days to submit such amount;)


Wonderful style! I like it so much! i wish you a lot of successes with your beautiful images! And I agree with your philosophy, indeed I love to live it :-)


Congratulations! Great work!


Great work!! You are a true inspiration, and I agree with your philosophy, every day has something special. I am amazed by how you have so many ideas. I hope you keep them coming. :o)


congratulations very nice work we look foreward to many more great shots and compositions. Peter


WHEEEEE, wonderful! Do you ever sleep?




Hey, congrats! Love that LLL motto ... I'm trying to do it! :)


Congratulations! How did you made that clown ceramic figure?


Great job, very nice


Congratulations! Very nice illustrations!


Fabulous, simply fabulous! :)


WoW that is success :)
You deserve it & much more... I agree with you.
Cheers :)


Congrats, Love the little clown :0)