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1st Paycheck!

Today, I can officially draw my first payout from Dreamstime. I can’t believe it. Six months ago, it was just a let-me-see-what-happens and a why-not, fun thing to do. Then, it became a challenge when a few pictures were accepted but a lot were rejected. Then, the first sale—at 35 cents, small as it seemed to many but it was a huge milestone for me. I remember announcing it to my closest circle with unbelief but with great pride and joy.

© Jeniicorv8 ( Help)

© Artiomp ( Help)

THANKS, oh, so very much, Dreamstime, for giving even amateurs like me this immense sense of triumph.

Thanks to my pal, RB, who served as my catalyst and got me going in all these.

Thanks to all the editors, your refusal reasons taught me a lot. The success of Dreamstime is a testimony that YOU FOLKS KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!

Thanks to the very kind, super responsive, admins, for answering my inquiries.

Thanks to the friendly, supportive and encouraging community here.

Thanks to all the buyers.

Well, I gotta go, gotta announce this huge milestone to everyone I know!

Photo credits: Artiomp, Jennifer Pitiquen.

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April 29, 2010


Like the way you have laid out this post.
Congrats on that first pay check.
Noticed that you too like candid pics.

April 03, 2010


Thanks, folks for the encouraging words. Many more downloads to all of us!

April 01, 2010


Congratulations! Wonderful news. I wish you many more.

April 01, 2010


Congratulations ! That's great ! Wish you more sales to come

April 01, 2010


Congratulations! It is a good feeling and you have a nice portfolio so I'm sure there will be many more!

April 01, 2010


Congrats! Well-done!)

March 31, 2010


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It feels great, doesn't it? You've got some great images, and this is just the first of many paychecks to come. Your images are really nice, but more important, you seem to have a good sense of stock photography. Yay, you!

March 31, 2010


Congratulations! It's a great feeling :)

March 31, 2010


Thank you, all! As always, you've been very supportive and the experiences, frustrations, successes and knowledge you share here have all been inspiring to me. This is an awesome community that I am so privileged to be a part of.

@David: I agree DT is addictive indeed, a very positive one. And I think I'll do the same thing as you, leave the $$ to accumulate.


March 31, 2010


That's great, congratulations!

March 31, 2010


Well done :o)

March 31, 2010



March 30, 2010



March 30, 2010



March 30, 2010



March 30, 2010


Congratulations! Wish many returns with DT & good luck ;)

March 30, 2010



March 30, 2010


Whoopee doo ! I've left mine in to accumulate...... hopefully for a holiday after many days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know how pleased you must feel. Dreamstime is get another addiction but a creative one. David.

March 30, 2010


Great achievement, congratulations :)

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