2,000 sales - the Power of Grit and how it applies to photography

In a very interesting coincidence, I stumbled upon this TED talk about 2 weeks before I reached my 2,000 sales benchmark (today!!!).

Grit is a concept that claims that individuals who show passion and perseverance have more chance to succeed in the long run than other factors such as IQ or EQ.

Holy Land Series -Oak Tree Plain of Manasseh (Ramot Manasseh)#4

More information can be found in this link: Angela Lee Duckworth: Grit: The power of passion and persverance

Holy Land Series -Afek National Park panorama#2

I can testify that in photography it could never be truer.

I started my photography career in 2,000 quitting Teachers college and pursuing my dreams.

Barn Owl Nest Box

in a span of 5 years the whole photographic world had changed forever. In 2003 Canon launched the first "affordable" DSLR the EOS 10D and the world of photojournalism and later other fields was shifting dramatically.

Holy Land Series - Ramlas White Tower

Suddenly the cost of entering the business lowered. Suddenly reuse of the same image to illustrate a subject instead of sending a photographer to the scene was becoming very common. Later the stock business started and of course, users send their images for free (credit and giving up their rights forever) totally took over using real photographers.

I left this profession and pursued other fields, at the time the obstacles had seemed too great for a young father who needed to bring food to the table.

Other friends who stayed had found their ways to succeed.

So generally speaking, I had no grit.

Holy Land Series - Hexagon Pool Panorama

It's a different story in Stock photography for me. I got tired of shooting regular "stock photos" (I suck at that anyway), and instead, I decided to develop my own style, one that wasn't trying to impress anyone, I decided to turn my passion for landscape photography and casual photo opportunities into stock. Called "Holy land Series" I document the landscape of Israel, usually in panoramas of the places I travel with my family. I truly like it.

Holy Land Series - Wadi Ara

It took me a long time before buyers started to notice this line of photos, but in recent months 90% of my sales are from this series.

Holy land Series -Yehi`am Fortress National Park 5

I created my own niche which is the best anyone can hope in this a world that is sinking in images that are so much better than mine ( in terms of composition, illustrative concepts, design etc). There are so many talented photographers in DT that direct competition wouldn't have worked for me.

So I reached 2,000 sales, and this quarter is the best in about 3 years.

I truly enjoy my photography and I almost doubled my online images in recent months.

Holy land Series - Negev in Green #2

If you love what you do, if you don't give up on your dreams, but rather keep evolving by analyzing your mistakes and improving, at a certain point there will be a breakthrough.

So keep shooting, keep dreaming and never give up!

Holy land Series -Mt. Arbel and the Wadi Hamam Village

Photo credits: Amitai.

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March 21, 2017


Beautiful images, congrats!!!

March 10, 2017



March 08, 2017


Amazing images!!!

March 07, 2017


Yes, the perseverance is the true secret of the success!

March 06, 2017


Very inspiring post. I love your images. Thank you for sharing.

March 01, 2017


Wonderful photos of some interesting scenes and topics.

March 01, 2017


Wow! Congrats on your milestone and finding your niche. Your images are stunning :)

February 27, 2017


Beautiful work... I saw you are using a Fujifilm X100 which is also cool :-)

February 26, 2017


Inspiring indeed!
I still need to find my way...

February 25, 2017


Nice blog, inspiring one thanks

February 25, 2017


This is very inspiring to read, so many people are negative about stock photography and the industry. The message you have about finding your own style and persevering with it is wonderful.
Well done, I wish you even more success and hope you keep your joy in photography.

February 25, 2017


Many congrats! I feel ya reaching 2k sales. How I wish I could take such beautiful landscapes. Me have zero sales over 2yrs+, may the force be with me ...

February 25, 2017


Nice blog and beautiful pictures! Congratulations Amitai and thank you for sharing!

February 24, 2017


Nice blog Amitai :-)
Many congrats!

February 23, 2017


congratulations :)

February 22, 2017


Congratulations Amitai! Very inspiring... Thank you for such a nice blog... :)

February 22, 2017


Nice pictures.

February 22, 2017


Brilliant photographs. Congratulations for achieving 2000 milestone

February 22, 2017


Nice work... and yes convert this 2000 figure to 20000 soon...

February 22, 2017


I like this concept! I think that everyone should follow their passion as long as he lives, no matter how difficult it may be!

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