2 in 1...Great week!

It seems it`s been a great week so far! Right now I`m in holiday so I just got to a computer and received two wonderful news!

The first one is that I got accepted as an exclusive contributor, and I`m very proud of this and I really hope I`ll do better from now on! I wanna thanks DT for this one, and to all DT community! I think that if the community wouldn`t been so perfect here, I would never made this decision! So, thank you all for your support and company on this great site!

The second good news is that I got my first 100 $ so I`m so excited right now... :) I wanna say thanks to all my buyers so far, and to all my next buyers :) Also I wanna say thanks for all the people on this site that gae me good advices and support me all this time :)

So, right now I`m in holiday another few days, so when I`ll be back I`ll have fresh photos and some stories to tell everyone!

So, thank you all again and here`s a small gift for everybody

Photo credits: Andrei Moldovan.

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September 02, 2010


double congrats!
enjoy your holiday :)

September 01, 2010



September 01, 2010


Have a nice holiday! And congratulations! I'm sure you'll be back from vacation with a lot of energy to spend on Dt ;)

August 31, 2010



August 31, 2010


Congratulations... : )

August 31, 2010


That's great news! Congratulations!
Waiting for your holidays photos! :)

August 31, 2010


Well done *thump up*

August 31, 2010



August 31, 2010


Congrats! Have a great holiday!

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