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2 Minute Review: Nikon D810

The Nikon D810 is the second generation of Nikon’s D800 line and brings some great improvements over the original D800/800e series. The new sensor’s improved low light performance combined with the lack of a low pass filter give sharp crisp images, and the overall function of the camera has been sped up and refined over the D800.

The D810 is my go to camera for just about every situation, from food and product photography, to portraits, landscapes and photo journalism, the D810 performs.

Nikon D810 camera with nikkor zoom

The beauty of this camera is it’s ability to bridge the gap between DSLR’s and medium format cameras. No, this camera does not completely replace the medium format camera, as many medium format cameras produce substantially more resolution, higher color depth and dynamic range. But, when considering the weight savings of the D810 over one of these camera’s, and the very high performance paired with the massive cost savings, the D810 gives a good alternative to a medium format camera.

Iceberg with a Wave Crashing Through Large Hole, Newfoundland

With all this said, the icing on the cake is the video performance! The ability to capture 1080p video at 60fps and output this via HDMI to an external recorder gives a whole range of video capabilities! Combine the wonderful video quality with the full frame sensor and you can get some amazing shallow depth of field videos! Now, I know in this day and age 4k video is the rage, now I do wish in certain situations that 4k would be a nice feature, but I find that working with a 4k file can be cumbersome and time consuming.

Sunset on the horizon

What I like: Large files, high resolution, large dynamic range, extensive lens collection, good colour depth, and solid video features.

What could use improvement: No 4k video, low light performance and auto focus speed could be better, but are similar to other cameras of this type.

Final words: The D810 is my go to camera for just about every situation! The camera is a workhorse, I have put it through the dust of the Baja, torrential downpours of Tofino during a winter storm, the frigid winter nights of Newfoundland, the windswept Great Sand dunes of Saskatchewan, and despite all of this, it has never let me down.

For more reviews like this, check back soon, or head over to my website for more content.

Photo credits: Monticelllo, Jacob Humphrey.

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December 06, 2017


Sure! And I believe the person behind the lens wields the biggest magic spell..

December 06, 2017


Sure! But I believe the person behind the lens wields the biggest magic...

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