20 More Things I’ve Learned about Photography

1. Shoot, Shoot, Shoot. This one cannot be overemphasized.

2. Your camera interprets reality and shows only fragments of what you have seen.

3. Shooting gets more fun when you can control the settings. Then you will be creative.

4. There is no such thing as bad weather.

5. You can find your own style. Be brave enough to do something crazy!

6. Take photographs of your friends and give them prints. This is a very personal gift that

no one else can give.

7. Show your work - even if you do not see it as worthy. Print it out and show it to people.

No risk - no fun.

8. Shoot what impresses you - then you will impress others.

9. Short Photo trips are good, too. You don’t always have to spend a whole day at it.

10.Try using just a single lens over a long time, then you will become a specialist in

shooting with it.

11. Forget your LCD… just forget it. The image will always be more brilliant and sharper

that the original really is.

12. Take a good friend on your photo safari - it will lead to great and deep conversations.

13. Do something different to recover creativity.

14. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions while you are shooting.

15. If you are shooting in nature - never forget your hiking boots. There is always a chance

for a rainy day.

16. Leave your camera in your bag if you are meeting other photographers in a coffee

house. Try it.

17. The best photographers fail sometimes. So can you.

18. Convince with images, not with swollen-headed words.

19. A good story can give your photograph a very deep meaning.

20. Help others succeed on their photographic journey - that will help you to stay humble.

Question : What did you learn about photography over the last few months?

Photo credits: Gataloca, Paulus Rusyanto.

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October 02, 2008


Looking your tips, give me more idea be a photographer.
Last few months I just starting to learn shooting product and model,
before i just shooting landscape only. So i will continue learn how to take a good photo.

August 11, 2008


Liked all your tips. Here is what I learned,
1. Use all the Exposure Metering techniques effectively.
2. Donot think that you are good or bad photgrapher, just record your memories using your photographic equipment.
3. Short Photohraphy trips are good but go back to the same place again at least 3 times.
4. Using 400 ISO is not that bad. But dont go beyond 400 if its absolutely necessary.
5. Use Narrow aperture when you want the entire "subject" sharp, especially when you are using extension tube.
6. Dont loose your heart, just pamper yourself in bad times.

August 08, 2008


I like point 5,I think what I really need to do is finding my own style...

August 05, 2008


Sage and pithy advice. Bravo for putting it into words.

July 19, 2008


Nice post.
Thank you for using my photo ;)

July 17, 2008


What did I learn about photography over the last few months?
I learned a most important thing - I really love it...
2) I learned that I have befriended with my camera.
I don't have to think about it or it's settings, when I'm making photos, I can just think about surrounding, composition. It's so much more fun.
There are so great lessons on your list!
Well 16th... sounds like a serious addiction... :)

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