20 Years of stock photography - Take a look back and forward

Happy 20 years anniversary to everyone - both clients and contributors. You're all part of this and we're happy and grateful that you are with us.

On this great occasion, we've made an analysis of our users' preferences.

Throughout the years, we saw preferences evolving in the top choices of photography users. We looked back at what 20 years of Dreamstime meant in the way users download creative assets.

Teams look different

Back in 2008, one of the most downloaded images on our website was the business team below. Black suits and white shirts, wide smiles and eye contact were important to portray the way a team looks and interacts. Open agendas and file cases used to be a must in the composition of a working desk.

Business team

Going years forward, we see that the business team doesn't look much like this anymore. More colorful dress codes, phones on the table and obviously laptop computers would make a standard concept to describe a team. Nowadays a team consists of people connected via the internet that often meet in informal spaces and use a smart-casual outfit. Multiple intelligent devices and a friendly mood would better describe a successful team.

Business Team Celebration Party Success Concept

The progress of technology

What technology was able to bring in a work environment is rendered in this top downloaded image of 2004.

Work place blur

Increased interest in AI and business intelligence would represent the nowadays work environment. Humans intensively interacting with digital content, touch screens, visual representations of business data, smart tools and robots illustrate more frequently the business conditions in 2020.

Businessman using tablet and laptop analyzing sales data and economic growth graph chart. Business strategy. Digital marketing.

Jingle bells all the way

Every 12 months we discover that one of the top images belongs to the end of the year celebrations. In 2006 designers used vector elements to build their own Christmas cards or corporate new year’s visual communication.

Collection of snowflakes, vector

In 2019 the preferences went towards a simplistic festive background where designers could insert many types of merry wishes and company logos. The minimalism of the composition and high versatility in usage was key for the winter holiday image content.

Creative frame made of Christmas fir branches on white wooden background with red decoration, pine cones. Xmas and New Year theme

Save the Earth

Environmental protection is an ongoing concern for our users and photographers. Presenting the planet Earth in high-risk environments was the red flag for protecting the natural resources and a clean environment. A computer-generated Earth-like planet on a beach was popular for designers who wanted to show the concern for pollution in 2016.

Environment - Save the Earth

Earth day became very popular meanwhile. On the 22nd of April, many people participate in environmental protection activities around the world. There are songs dedicated to the planet Earth, fundraising events for NGOs, and many corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that prove the awareness of this subject. This forest conservation concept is very popular in 2020 and highlights the responsibility to preserve our natural resources and the existing natural environment.

Environment Earth Day In the hands of trees growing seedlings. Bokeh green Background Female hand holding tree on nature field gra

Social Media platforms

Social media has changed the world. The rapid and vast adoption of this networking tool remodeled the way we find partners, access information, or even make purchase decisions. At Dreamstime, we started to notice the emerging interest for social media in the top downloaded content when businesses realized they couldn’t exist without an online presence. There was no need to have a website, but it was important to have at least an active account on a networking platform where potential users could find your products or services. Some of the most popular content is related to social media logos that can easily describe the presence of a certain entity on a platform or could give more context to articles, business services, or conferences.

These platforms evolve so fast that what we saw in 2011 as the top downloaded assets is no longer relevant. Some of the platforms disappeared, some were bought by larger players or simply updated their logos.

Social Media Buttons [1]

Check out the top of our most downloaded content in 20 years

Collection of Free Images Of The Anniversary

Photo credits: Serban Enache, I-bag, Pop Nukoonrat, Pressmaster, Rawpixelimages, Roberto Giovannini, Aleksey Telnov, Valentin Jucov, Sarayut Thaneerat.

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September 23, 2020


Happy 20th anniversary 

September 21, 2020


Happy Anniversary Dreamstime !

September 21, 2020


Happy Anniversary !

September 20, 2020


Feliz aniversario. 20 años es sinónimo experiencia al siguiente nivel

September 20, 2020


Boldog évfordulót kívánok.

September 20, 2020


Happy 20th! 

September 18, 2020


happy birthday  Dreamstime ! :)

September 17, 2020


Great, thanks!!

September 11, 2020


Great job Dreamstime! Many years to come!

September 08, 2020


Another great read; very interesting.

September 07, 2020


What fun!!  And since I have been around for more than half of DT's 20 years, after looking at all the changes in these photos, I am feeling a bit older today than yesterday:) Thanks for putting it together--it reminded me of the important part we play in documenting our times for the future.  Happy Anniversary to all!

September 06, 2020


Happy Anniversary Dreamstime!   

September 04, 2020


Happy anniversary, Dreamstime! May I also add that one latest trend includes greater inclusivity in terms of multiracial and multicultural representations in stock photography? Thanks to globalisation and digital revolution, we are increasingly interconnected and interdependent for mutual success and survival.

September 01, 2020


Happy Holidays to the whole Dreamstime team. Many photos uploaded to the site have already become history. Architecture, people, fashion, technology are changing, and all this remains only in photographs.

September 01, 2020


A great look back at DT through the past 2 decades! William 

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