200 pics and 200$! (plus the same Editorial Rant)

Hi all!

As with almost my (few) Blog Posts here on DT, they are about celebrating something. Today, i'd like to share my 200th pic online (i began on August 2009, but i've been too busy for months and my average upload share is really low).

So here it is and let's just say that i took it in January 2010 in Cordoba, spain. So, you know how many months it took me to finally find the time to edit it. This post, by the way, is even about sharing some bits and thoughts.

I reached my first 100$ here on DT back in December, considering that i began uploading a decent amount of pics in October/November 2009, it took me a bit more than 1 year. I always read that the next 100$ would have come much faster, and this blog is to confirm that, since it took me about 3 months to geto to 205.92$. So, if you just started uploading, keep the faith, since things really speed up (even if you are a lazy uploader like me).

Another thing i'd like to share is about Editorial Pics, which are often underrated in between stock photographers. Here is a pic of my most popular pics (http://www.webpagescreenshot.info/img/11990-452011101958PM) and as you can see, they are all Editorial Pics, but one. So what i can tell you is to check if you work in a field which is not much covered and begin shooting, editing and uploading. Things will eventually begin to move.

I began uploading new batches of pics as of late, almost all of them are editorial, and they sold already a few DL. So, keep on working, you may not have a studio to shoot food and model pics, but you may be lucky enough to find good opportunities where others don't see them.

Photo credits: Antonio Jodice.

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Very nice advice and excellent images.


Thank you all for stopping by and saying hi






Good job my young padawan! :D

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