200 Up ! - WOW — Your Comments & Critisims Welcomed

WOW — I just keep amazing myself …

I've hit my 200th image accepted, and this in far less time than I ever expected. in

This mini milestone has come not too long after my first "pay check" … [bring them on baby!!]

And the image that did it for me is a "flower" picture …

If anyone here knows how difficult it is to get flower pics accepted, based on the sheer volumes of flower images & the very strict criteria that is applied to said category.

I had many, many flower images bombed in the past, and had all but given up on trying to submit flower images — but this acceptance has brought back a renewed hope for that subject matter.

So without any further waffle … my I be so bold as to slap my self on the back …


I've had a few people saying that I can add "photographer" to my job descriptive — but in the back of my mind I still hear that voice saying, "Don't be too hasty"

That said:

What I am wanting from this blog is for those that do consider themselves as "photographers" to please give me some comments — more especially, some criticism …

I've got broad shoulders & thick skin, so here's an opportunity to rather be brutal, than just polite and say "Well Done / Congrats / Nice Portfolio" etc

The objective — is not that I am a sadist, but that I am trying to improve — as I am not convinced that I have anywhere nearly reached the levels of success that I would like to see.

Photo credits: Patrick Allen.

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February 16, 2017


Taking photos of flora is my hobby. I am often called shatterbug because of that.
My pics can be viewed at term paper writing service where I post on a regular basis.

October 12, 2008




October 10, 2008


Very well done, congratulations and nice portfolio! Keep up the great work and I think it's about time you add "Photographer" to your title or job description.

October 10, 2008


yeah I know the pleasure of a flower image acceptance. Well done keep going.

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