The 2000 club, I am in

Wooden totem poles

Many photographers are writing blogs about their personal milestones, so I decided to write a bit about my experiences as a stock photographer after reaching 2000 images at Dreamstime.

I have been with Dreamstime since year 2000, shortly after I have switched from a film camera to a digital SLR. Initially, I was uploading to several micro stock agencies. My acceptance ratio with DT was extremely low, sometime below 10%, whereas at other agencies it was well over 50%. Even though, I had just a few images with DT, I actually got some occasional downloads, mostly on a subscription basis. Interesting to add is that I did not have any download with the other agencies in spite of having much more images with them. So, Dreamstime got my attention and I set a goal to reach 100 images here.

Pow-wow, first nation gathering in DTES Vancouver

I learned about the limitations of a kit lens and submitted only the best selected images. My acceptance ratio at DT went to over 90% and I started to see more downloads not only at DT but also at one more micro stock agency. Still, it was nothing too spectacular, but it stared to be more fun checking out for downloads at both agencies.

In summer of 2014, I became an exclusive contributor with Dreamstime and started to upload more images. Although I had to walk away from over 1500 images and a lot of work with the other agencies, my decision to become an exclusive contributor with DT was based on Dreamstime friendliness towards the photographer community and my lack of substantial download with the other agencies.

So the journey as a stock photographer continues. Where will it take me now?

Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains

Photo credits: Leszek Wrona.
Leszek Wrona
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Taking pictures is fun, uploading and keywording is work, seeing that someone finds it useful is gratifying.
I am an amateur photographer taking pictures of places, people, and events that I find interesting. I hope that visitors to my portfolio can find my images valuable and enjoyable.

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October 07, 2015

Thank you everybody for your congratulations. I want to add that more images on line do not necessary guarantee more downloads. To put it in another perspective, content in high demand matters more than quantity.


September 30, 2015

Best wishes


September 30, 2015

Congratulations Mite!!


September 29, 2015



September 29, 2015

Congrats Leszek!
Interresting blog :-)
Cloosing in on the same goal...
For me sales "jumped up", first on 700 and later considerable at 1500-1600 uploads. My strategy have been to look for laps - missing subjects. And as possible to keep up quality.
And as you wrote - its not really for the money. My goal is to partly finance a photo trip now and then and it works. Next will be to Cuba in december...


September 28, 2015

Congrats! keep it up !