2000 dollars and still loyal :)

Hello Dreamstimers,

It’s a long time since I wrote my last blog. But a have a excuse, my life changed a little bit, a little bit means I changed my job, my apartment, everything :)

But I did not quit Dreamstime, I continued to upload pictures, the sales continued so I am happy that I reached almost 2000 dollars and 1070 downloads with only 402 pictures online.

Both me and my wife are participating actively in taking pictures and upload them to DT, so the money are used in family purposes like vacations. We even bought a bike for our daughter with DT money :D

Now I ask you all: Is DT like a drug for you too? I mean I check every day if there are new sales, if there are new pictures accepted, how are my images placed, what new pictures can I take etc. First site that I open when I start my computer is DT :) Am I nuts? :)

I have also a level 5 picture:

New product inauguration surprise

Wish you all a great day!


Photo credits: Mangroove.
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July 14, 2012



July 13, 2012

Oh gosh, I'm relieved to hear I'm not alone! DT is my homepage on my phone's browser and there's a shortcut button for it in allll the other internet going devices I own! Funny that I am commenting on this blog not even 24 hours from when I challenged myself with not visiting DT this weekend. I succeeded for the first oh, maybe three hours this morning!


July 13, 2012

I switched from ******** years ago and never looked back. been exclusive with DT since they offered it. Go Serban!


July 13, 2012

I raise...there is no hour without checking DT :)) sometimes I wake up and take a look, if there is a sale...I have the best sleep! :))


July 12, 2012

there is no day without checking DT :) - a bit like fb and it's good to read some positive stuff here


July 12, 2012

yep, a drug, that it is :)

in firefox my first tab is dreamstime :), always :)


July 12, 2012

haha! Yup, I check mine constantly!


July 12, 2012

Yes, with these darn Smartphones I can get my DT "fix" pretty much any time of day :)


July 12, 2012

Hi my name is Debbie and I am a DT addict LOL yes it is addicting congrats and keep on keeping on


July 12, 2012

Great success! Congratulations! I also want to ask my self Am I nuts, because I`m also addicted to microstock business instead of my full time job :))


July 12, 2012

Yeah i love DT i am exclusive here 3 years:)


July 12, 2012

You are not alone.. DT is the first site I open on majority of days.. Congrats on your new milestone. Cheers.


July 12, 2012

Oh thanks God I am not the only one :)


July 12, 2012

Seems perfectly normal to me. My dog wanted to go out last night a 2:30. What did I do? Check on DT. ;-)


July 12, 2012

You are not alone. I check my DT 10 times each day, maybe more, unless I am out taking pictures or working on my business. I have written a blog sometime ago admitting to addiction to photography....... a very positive addiction unlike others. David.


July 12, 2012

I also check DT first when I turn on the PC.