2000 Games - Lessons

Hi everybody, I just finished playing 2000 games, 2nd ranking at the moment, but the issue is not about a competition but what we learn from DT's mini school!

I'm an illustrator not a photographer (Unfortunately!) but I also had lessons that I would like to share with all of you and specially with the new guys here...

- Whether it's a photo or an illustration the subject is very important.

© Mani33
© Mani33
© Mani33

- Business oriented photos are the most selling (Big news huh but still important!);

© Mani33

- Health and emotions are subjects not to forget at all;

- Favorite sports, arts, abstracts and natural views that are well taken are demanded as well.

© Mani33

- Being a nice photo is not enough, you have to see if the photo is well focused, centered isolated and with a good light effect;

- Silhouette illustrations are very demanded, no wonder designers use them much as layers and easy to edit;

- Face expressions counts much on a photo's success!

You would notice that relaxed people with an object in the hand are not like people who show a strong emotion;

© Mani33
© Mani33

- Eyes direction and face expressions are important with all the models of the photos, one distracted person in a photo might leave it apart!

- When the photo is considered a great shot but not centered like another one that is centered you would notice that it has less downloads!

- Titles are another help to know which photo has downloads!

(I confess I didn't look much to titles but at least Achilles had mentioned it...)

Finally I advise everybody to play more and more because you will discover great photos that are online but you never saw them before and wide your knowledge about micro-stock business.

There is a less positive part of the game... ADDICTIVE!

Have a nice game ;)

Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

Your article must be written in English



Yeah I already noticed that & lost points! I even had to ping to see if the server was dead :))


Also... if you play on a slow connection that crashes half way through, your ranking will tank because all the rest of the answers will count as being wrong! Beware :)


Gosh noonie even in posts you are always in a hurry :)))
I wonder how many games you will handle, before you have to do something else :))

Wildmac, the game just inspired me with some illustrations I hope you would see them online soon. So play and you will see you will have new ideas also :)



By-the-way, I have to follow the Tour de France right now, so I will play the game when I get my fill of young studs! An old racer never dies, she just watches the younger men!!!! :-)))))


Thanks for the tips. They are always welcome :0)


Hey Noonie that's why your NOONIE and I'm MAANI :))

Littledesire I won't do it again :P

 Baby Cry 


Maen, get a life....or start playing for me, maybe! I have to get a lot of things caught up in order to be able to put much time into the game right now. Plus I tend to get bored with games, not an addictive personality......I'm too hyper, have to be in constant motion. I did one game and got 70, it went down from there :-( I'll do a few more later.......but only if my score goes UP!


You've stopped playing to write a blog?!? Shame on you :))

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