2000 Sales _ Ok, so can I upgrade?

It is with great pleasure that I have today marked off another of the BIG milestones that I have been hanging for, for some time now …

2000 sales!

Rather fitting that is an image from within the series of images that were of my 1st kindling to my journey into my pursuit into photography.

This marker now has brought with it a new "dilemma".

So do I now still classify myself as a keen hobbyist? Or should I realistically start placing myself into a higher grade?

It would be easy to say, "Yes", but I am ever the realist. And I guess until that "final" goal is achieved, I may indeed want to hang onto the security blanket title of "ultra keen hobbyist".

What, you may ask, is that final goal …

Well there are quite a few that I guess all of us would love to have under the belt.

The following is a list of some of the most notable sales, throughout the 2000 sales that have been attracted from within my portfolio.

• 1st Sale — 2008 July 03,

• (W-EL)

• (P-EL)

• (I-EL)

• (U-EL)

• A magazine front cover — still eludes my radar, as far as I am aware anyway. [if there have been any of my sales that have been used for such, I am as of yet to be informed of such use].

• A (SR-EL) Sale …

Ok maybe that is aiming too high, so I guess (SR-EL1) or (SR-EL3) would suffice. But what is the point of aiming at anything other than the top marker? So no, really only the SR-EL will ultimately do it.

So yes, the successes here at Dreamstime have been wonderful … but as is the case with many of us here … there are always still big dreams for the future to come.

I do look forward to seeing that the last two items on that meager list I set for myself to eventually get ticked off … however I do note that is kinda out of my hands, and in the eyes of the buyers.

All these aforementioned stats as detailed, Dreamstime buyers still never cease to amaze.

There is one particular image that remains as the standout best seller from within the 1726 [or so images online in my porti]. Even without any of the milestone sales associated to this images cumulative revenues, it remains the highest earner. Overall earnings on this image in the year and half that it has been online completely overshadow all the big [once off] sales. It has not had any really significant earnings associated with any large once off sales revenues, but it continues to be a popular image with the buyers. Perhaps this one may indeed make it into the "hall of fame" but there are but a few slots left, so I guess it better hurry and take one of the few slots left … :)

Photo credits: Patrick Allen.

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August 05, 2011


Great results!

August 04, 2011


Fantastic work, and congratulations, particularly on your EL sales. Keep it up!!!

August 04, 2011


Great job!!!

August 04, 2011


Great work, nice results !

August 04, 2011


congratulations。nice shooting

August 04, 2011



August 04, 2011


Those are pretty amazing achievements, Ratmandude. And impressive, as well. Wow! Get truckin' on into the hall of fame! :)

August 04, 2011


Awesome achievement, congrats

August 04, 2011


Nice! Don't worry about milestones... just keep filling that truck with money :))

August 04, 2011


Congratulations you have achieved a great result! Good job

August 04, 2011


Congratulations!!! :)

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