200th Down load....

A sign of improving... It took me 6 months to reach my 1st 100 down loads, and a mere 39 days to reach the 2nd hundred down loads.

I have also uploaded more images and even managed to get a few in that aren't sports related. (I need to keep working on expanding that area) In sports, I have managed to expand from lacrosse to include soccer, football and baseball.

Last month I had 68 DL's and only 10 days into this month I'm at 36. I have improved the quality and composition of shots uploaded, so this may be a big contribution into the growing success.

Thanks to all that have helped me reach this milestone...

Photo credits: James Boardman.

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November 14, 2008


Great job!

November 11, 2008


Good work !!!
Congrats :-)

November 10, 2008



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