And the 2014 Word of the Year is .....

I'm a list maker. It's what I do. It's how I keep myself organized.

I'm such an extreme list maker that my husband jokes that I need to keep lists of all the lists that I keep!

Sometimes I write things on a list, just so I can cross them back off.

It's a sickness - I can't help it.

So you can imagine what a New Year means for me.

Yup, New Year - New Lists!

For years I have started the New Year by listing

.....all the things that I will do that year

.....all the things that I will no longer do that year

.....all the places I want to go during those 12 months

.....all the goals I want to accomplish before the next January 1st

.....etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

Some years things actually got taken off the list

(although some years those same things got put BACK on the list)

But in general it seemed that I was simply recycling the same old lists

year in and year out.

So a few years ago, I decided I would break the cycle.

Instead of rehashing my standard resolutions

I would choose a Word for the Year

a motto - a creed - a mantra

a single word that would summarize my mindset for the entire year.

2 years ago, I was still a relative newbie to stock photography, so my word for that year was

Tenacity not readily letting go or giving up, not easily dispelled or discouraged, persisting in a course of action

Boy, did that word come in handy as I slogged through the rejections and the learning process of stock photography. But I did persevere and managed to double my portfolio that year over the previous two years combined!

Empowered by my success in lexicography, I soldiered on.

Last year I realized I needed to stretch my comfort zone a bit,

so the word for the last 12 months has been

Intrepid fearless, unafraid, undaunted, unflinching, unshrinking, bold, daring, gallant, audacious, adventurous, heroic, dynamic, spirited, indomitable, brave, courageous, valiant, valorous, plucky

I went rock climbing even though I'm terrified of heights,

....I boldly went hiking through fields full of hazards (more on that trip later)

.......and I continued to turn the camera on myself - warts and all

And here it is a New Year again

a new time to choose my word for the year

....and I've ended up with two for 2014

........Serendipity and Synchronicity

Serendipity the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way

I'm learning that by becoming less reliant on lists of things I will do

.... and more open to the happy possibilities life brings my way

......... I am finding new opportunities I never dreamed possible

So I intend to listen to those quiet voices this year and try whatever they might be suggesting

Synchronicity the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible connection

And while those serendipitous events may seem random

.... sometimes there is order in chaos

....... and happy coincidences can open up entirely new trajectories

So my goal is to stay open to the possible paths that may present themselves through seemingly haphazard events

I have a few concrete things that I plan to try this year

- but staying true to Serendipity and Synchronicity -

I'll refrain from listing them here!

Happy New Year!

Photo credits: Karen Foley.

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January 08, 2014


Thanks for the kind comments everyone. Hope you are having a Happy New Year so far, K-

January 06, 2014


Very nice!
And a very happy new year to you too!

January 06, 2014


What a wonderful blog post....................... the management say it only takes a few minutes to write a post but this has been carefully put together with much time and thought put into it . Many thanks. David.

January 06, 2014


Beautiful images and blog! Thank you for sharing! Happy New Year and sales!

January 04, 2014


Very good! Happy New Year!

January 03, 2014


Great blog, thanks for sharing.Happy New Year.

January 03, 2014


love it! had to pass this on to my guy.. hes the word man. keep shooting!

January 03, 2014


Brilliant blog and brilliant images as well. I wish you and you long suffering husband (joke) a very happy new year, If you did have a list perhaps you could add "write more blogs on Dreamstime." Very enjoyable, thanks.

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