2017 Trip To The Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is one of the most beautiful and largest rivers in America, it is always said by many photographers that it's a must see, so one day last year "2017" I hopped into my car and took a road trip and got to the Iowa and Illinois border where the Mississippi River divided the two and I was truly amazed by the stunning beauty of the massive river.

Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is a tourist hot spot, throughout the whole world people flock to see it and this is why it was important to me as a stock photographer to take pictures of the beautiful river, many buyers through out the world has a use for photos of the Mississippi River the travel and tourist industry just being one of them and that is why every stock photographer should consider if they are ever by the Mississippi River to take a few snap shots of it to add to there portfolio.

Mississiooi River

One of the best parts of my trip to the Mississippi was stopping in the little towns near the river and meeting the very nice people in those communities, your welcomed with mid west hospitality and greeted with a smile and a warm hand shake, There food prices are not as bad as well which was shocker since those towns are near such a tourist hot spot.

Beautiful Mississippi River Dam Industry Dubuque, Iowa

The Mississippi River is a hot spot for many boat ferries and tourist boating, which I must say that they do a great job of protecting the two very different worlds from each other because a massive ship can make huge waves for some of the littler boats that the tourist drive so a lot of those areas are zoned off to different spots of the river.

Mississippi River Dam

So remember the next time you go to the Mississippi River or going to be around it to bring your lucky camera and have some picture taking fun and enjoy the vacation while doing so!

Photo credits: Gluestick.

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