21 Minutes and 48 Seconds

I did it! 21 min and 48 sec.

After thinking about it for 8 years, I climbed today the 1776 (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) stairs, that is 144 flights of 12 stairs plus ten more flights of stairs, I believe these are just nine stairs per flight.

Using good advice, my morning started at 5:00 a.m. Zoomed through the drive through of a Tim Hortons to pick up a dozen timbits to get me the energy for the climb and by 6:00 am I was in the parking lot beside the tower.

Signed the waiver, and here I am, starting to climb the stairs of CN Tower, now the second tallest free standing structure in the world.

I started with a father and his 10 year old son that was ahead of us. By flight 50, I left the father behind. A few more flights of stairs, and I pass the son as well. By now, the red numbers started to flash into my eyes. I think of the gruesome climb in Piatra Craiului with 31 kg back-packs some twenty years ago and think it's not that bad.

By flight 70 something, I start to think of my favorite place in the world, sunbathing on the top of Bordul Tomii (a huge rock) in Retezat Mountains on a sunny day in May, looking at the planes flying above me...

Back to reality, flight 70, I pass a man in his twenties gasping for breath. Climing in jeans was not helping him that's for sure.

Flight 80, I pass a teenage looking brunette. I think, "I'm not that bad..." Two flights higher, she zooms by me. I'm old... A few more flights, she is gasping for air again. I think of the hare and turtoise fable...For sure, I am wiser.

Flight 120 something...

Finally flight 144. Good news!

This is where the timing machines are. The extra flights of stairs are just to get to the elevators.

Thanks to all my colleagues who helped me raise the entry fee.

Last year's event, raised 1.6 millions for United Way, the charity that handles the funds.

I might try it again. Maybe you will help me raise more money on line...Let me know. I promise to start training earlier.

Photo credits: Rechitan Sorin, Bill Minten.

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October 22, 2007


Thanks Cathy.

October 22, 2007


Congratulations, Sorin !!

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