25 images on line...

...I'm now in the exact middle to reach my next step: I look forward to reaching 50th upload!

With 50 images I'll be able to upload for contests and to choose to became exclusive...

I'm the happy mum of a toddler and an architect in the rest of time... but I'll try to dedicate a few time to DT too ;)

Here are my two illustrations which let me reaching the 25th upload...

Photo credits: Trottola.

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June 18, 2010


WOW smame here am currently sitting on 39 pictures on line and another 5 qued for review! I'll party the day I get fifty! xDD Best wishes to you too and hope to meet again with 50 online images.

April 29, 2010


I especially like those green logos

April 22, 2010


Thank you very much for your compliments and for your kind words... yes one picture each day and I'll be at 365 at the end of the year: not bad!!!

April 22, 2010


Great illustrations! I know it's hard to work and be the mum of a demanding toddler at the same time... very little time left for hobbies, so my hats off to you, you're doing great.

April 22, 2010


Congratulations! Very nice and colorful illustrations!

April 22, 2010


Congratulations! I like your illustrations very much. They are great! Well done.

April 22, 2010


Congratulations! How about some pics of the baby? :)

April 22, 2010


Congratulations :)

April 21, 2010


I remember reading somewhere on one experienced micro stock seller , (and very nice person too.. if I am allowed to name him..Lee Torrens) , who said something to me and others like myself who have trouble getting our portfolio to be as large as most people.
Mr. Torrens suggest an idea like "if you can just do one upload a day, you're still doing well because that is 365 new work for your portfolio at the end of one year.

April 21, 2010


If you consider the period since you have joined & what you had online! It's awesome work! Keep uploading & you will get the 50 & more soon! Cheers :)

April 21, 2010



April 21, 2010


Great.... Congratulations... Keep on the good work.

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