250 Photos ONLINE!!!

I am really excited with the number of photos accepted in less than 2 years. I started to join dreamstime in June 2015 and by December 2016 I reached 250 photos online. Here are my first accepted photo and my 250th accepted photo.

First photo

250th photo

Even though I have 250 photos online, I haven't sold so many photos. So far, I sold just 6 photos. Any advice?

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December 10, 2016


Thanks all. I will keep shooting and make better photos :-)

December 08, 2016


Awesome and congrats. For more sales, check what is popular and what people need for stock. Also, enter the contests!

December 07, 2016


Your exposures are too light! Because of that, many will not sell. Also, no white skies, use graduated neutral density filters or darken in Photoshop.

December 07, 2016


Congrats on your 250th photos and your sales!! Though I am not in any position to advise you, but yes, I would say keep shooting and submitting .Wishing you all the best and may many more sales come your way !:)

December 06, 2016


keep shooting more pictures :)

December 06, 2016


Congrats 😉

December 06, 2016


yeah keep shooting

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Photo credits: Insos Kampung.