27th Athens Classic Marathon

Every Marathon race is a special event testing human spirit and stamina to its maximum. The Athens Marathon however has even more profound significance as it reaches back 2500 years into Greece’s history. The athletic even of today started as a feat by a news bearing soldier who ran the distance from Marathon to Athens to announce the victory of Greeks against the Persians.

The race starts from the town of Marathon as it did in 490BC and it takes runners through 3 hills and the streets of modern Athens to finish at the Panathinaiko stadium, host of the first modern Olympic games!

This is the first time I photographed such an event. The first shots I took were about 1km before the stadium where I managed to get some shots of the first elite Marathon runners. Their speed was unbelievable considering they had already run over 41kms. Unfortunately due to the rainy weather - difficult light for amateurs as myself - and the speed of the runners I managed to “mess” up several of the photos -motion blur.

Next I managed to get in the stadium thanks to a friend and got lots of shots right at the finish line. Although I was happy to get some nice shots of the best marathon runners in the world, the photos and moments that I love the most are those of amateur runners.

The feelings and joy of finishing such a hard race made up for the “blurry” photos I missed at first. To anyone who has a chance to photograph such a race, make sure you don’t miss the regular people running. You will get some photos full of energy and emotion.

Next year is the 2500 years anniversary of the Marathon. Get your cameras ready because it is expected to be a spectacular event. I plan to be there, but I hope as a runner this time and not a photographer!!!

Photo credits: Pavlos Rekas.

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November 14, 2009


Thanks Wildmac and smartview27 :)

November 14, 2009


Great images! :0)

November 14, 2009


Interesting history and congrats for your photos!

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