28 Amazing and Popular Landscape Images

There are too many wonderful pictures on Dreamstime.

For example photos of wonderful natural landscapes. We all like occasionally to take time off and relax and forget about all our jobs and duties and responsibilities, and just enjoy the life, family, friends, the beauty around us.

No wonder such images with beaches and isolated islands and mountain tops and mountain lakes and safari landscapes with animals and smooth ocean waves are so popular. They all stir positive emotions and memories, and they are good advertising images.

No doubt, many Dreamstime submitters have noticed that simple images with grass and sky or roads are extremely popular. I guess designers are using them in collages and designs.

What could make a landscape photo popular can also be a little accessory, an extra detail to an overall well composed image, like those wine bottles and grapes on vineyard images.

Images with cultural accent are popular too. Especially with Asian or African accent, or everything related to exotic cultures for Western world.

© Jirkab
Many beautiful landscape photos are actually lifestyle photos. They depict popular recreation activities like hiking or rock climbing or fishing or camping.

One landscape photo made me wonder. It's the rural landscape with fence and farm house on the background. It sells extremely well. And it proved false my opinion that only untouchable pure nature photos are sought by buyers.

And another little observation concerning nature landscape photos. Many popular photos are depict water. Water in any form. I guess it's because or body is about 57% water. :)

Here are some of great landscape photos on Dreamstime.

© Tylern
© Jeu
© Sebcz
© Ba-mi
© I-bag

Photo credits: Ba-mi, Fernando Rodrigues, Lidian Neeleman, Hermann Danzmayr, Dmitry Pichugin, Ian Grant, Elena Elisseeva, Graham Dance, I-bag, Alexei Sysoev, Muriel Lasure, Jiri Bursik, Galyna Andrushko, Ben Goode, Luckynick, Pedro Silveira, Radu Razvan Gheorghe, Sebastian Czapnik, Steve Lovegrove, Pawel Strykowski, Nadiya Struk, Vadim Rybakov, Valeria Cantone, Jinyoung Lee, Yu-he Zhang.

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Amazing collection.


Great collection and beautiful images.


Excellent collection! Well done and great choices!
Best regards,


Great images! Good choices!


What wonderful views! Do feel like a mini vacation. It is amazing to have a collection of artist from all over the world so we could see the wonderful views like these any time at the easy of our home. Thank you for putting them together, Maigi!


So true. :)


What a beauty! Nature is really amazing in every part of the world and every season) Thanks for this selection)


"Scrumptious" is a cute word. :) Got a new word to my vocabulary. Thanks! :)


I feel like I just took a mini vacation! Scrumptious images... makes me want to go play outside.


beautiful images well selected :)


Yes :))


Fantastic landscapes, fantastic light, fantastic photographers, a winning combination that gives fantastic photographs; thanks for sharing them, they are inspiring indeed!


I love nature and landscape images and these are definately some of the best, congrats to all the contributors who's images are displayed and would say good luck but these are all great sellers already :0)


Amazing images, this blog is motivation for me, so one day one of my image is featured in others blog and stand out from other images of same category. maigi thanks for those beautiful display of images, its full of life.


Did you say autumn, Carolyne? I had to check once more where are you living. Wow, it's almost totally on the other side of the Earth. So, we gonna see autumn landscapes soon, right? :)


Amazing and beautiful images Maigi! My autumn is coming and I can't wait, it's my favorite season. :)


oops! :)))


Very beautiful landscapes:)


This is a fabulous selection! There's a good reason that they are all level 4 or level 5.


wow, great selection!


Maen, it applies to you as well. :)) Though not that girls part, but... We are waiting for your third and fourth etc. :)


Oh MY Gosh, WOW!


Heard that ladies?! Back to work! I want results :P
Thanks for sharing Maigi ;)


Back to work, girls. Spring is coming, landscapes are waiting. Grab a camera! :)


SOOO very beautiful!!


Simply great!


They really are, and there are tons of them on Dreamstime. Lots of fantastic artists.


Great photos!


Thank you, Frederic. :)


I love landscape photography and to see what are the landscape photos which sell is very interesting... those are amazing pictures as well! Thanks for your article Maigi.

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