2nd milestone!!!

After what seemed a rather shakey start (uploading 50 images with about 2 or 3 being accepted) i have finally made it to a whopping 10 images online!

Now this may not seem like many, but remember when you were once newbie (to all you lucky, successful photgraphers) and that damn good feeling over the small things... that first sale... what a feeling, (that being the first milestone).

I would like to say I am very impressed with Dreamstime, it is very clean and easy to use and theres a great vibe among all the contributors, I guess thank you!

Finally, please, please, please people! I would be very grateful for any criticism you could give my photos :D thanks!

(my first image, my favourite image, and my most recent image)

Photo credits: , Brightspark567.

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Mani33- you never know, bring on the cash and there may be cake ;)
Zenotri- thanks so much, to think that i wasnt thinking that that one isnt so good :D


Congratulations! You have a very nice portfolio so far. I totally LOVE your latest one! I wish you many more milestones.


Hmm I think I will criticise!!!
Where is the cake of the party :P
Congratulations! ;)


hey, thanks very much!


Congratulations! Each little step brings you closer to achieving your next goal. Wonderful Landscapes. Good luck


haha, hopefully more milestones will come for the both of us then:D


Congratulation on your second milestone. I'm a newbie too, let encourage one another.

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