3 in 1...

Hello everybody...

© Mani33
I got an idea that could be helpful for 3 parts:

Newbies to sell faster

DT our agency to have more revenue so they could make the great work greater

We contributors to gain a symbolic value and who knows maybe to get inspired by something to help uploading or selling!

This is not mysterious, it's all here in front of all of us!

Usually new members (Newbies) even the professional ones are new to key wording & specially with the microstock expressions that are used in the search options by buyers!

Words that are used in the categories & the status of the image like "Vector isolated background portrait panoramic shape abstracts... etc." not to mention the family of the nature of the image like traveling tourism landscape nature people adult senior junior wildlife mammal... etc.

This might be interesting for native English speakers or who speaks a very good English to help within few minutes & get some 2 cents reward for each complete helpful with out spam keywords suggestion!

These images of the new members could be found easily with out big search by going to:

1- The Latest section of the homepage. There is always a list of the Latest Photographers who joined DT few days ago. In general they have small portfolios that won't take much time checking & discovering what keywords are missing! (I confess that some they have them very good, others still need to learn)

2- The new members on the message boards: Click on the name & off to the new portfolio...

3- Keywords suggestion for images that DT asked for in a special section. They are from the editors choice, great as images but missing good key wording.

Just to finish & make this subject complete you can check the keywords of any image and if you find that it misses at least 10 good keywords you can suggest them by clicking the link suggest over the keywords.

© Mani33

Suggestions before you start:

a) Be sure that your English is at least very good;

b) If you don't have at least 10 keywords don't waste your time;

c) If you have many keywords don't feel enough with ten, mostly it won't be taken if you save the words for you;

d) Look at the image carefully & if it has a zoom option, use it;

e) If you see a foreign name that must be added don't bother with the spelling check;

f) Look at the keywords that are used already & don't duplicate.

Good Luck ;)

Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

Your article must be written in English



Very good, Maen!


Thanks Clayton :)


Great article, Maen! I'm sure it will help a lot of people.


Being easy or not depends on the image & the original keywords used by the photographer! Some they miss almost all & were submitted with the minimum... Anyway thanks for your post ;)


This is a very useful suggestion but I know it's not easy find the right words for the other users' images :-(


I've got 22 cents today from key wording 11 images :)
Of course it's not about the value but about helping newbies ;)



Thanks Tarja ;)


Good stuff, thanks !


Thanks Sarah ;)


Good points Susan & Maigi :)
Thanks everybody ;)


Very useful article. thanks!


Good point, Susan. And keeping eye on latest search terms on the front page, wouldn't hurt too.


Be sure to look at search terms used on your own sold photos, also!!! I've picked up a few new ones that way. Of course, that doesn't help newbies much, does it...


Very useful blog! I obtained many harvests!


great information...thanks!


good ideas.


Thanks everybody! Actually this subject has called my attention since my friend Sergio has started on DT, his keywords were not helpful to be shown on the search results! So I hope I gave him a little help with that!

Dragos sorry to disappoint you but no coffee here :P

Hope we can get this as an advantage for all ;)


3 in 1 ...Maen, this is my coffee's name...it contains milk, coffee and sugar, 3 ingredients. Good luck to you too!


I've keyworded a few images already (and earned a little little bit for it); I don't do it for the money though, but I find it a good training exercise and I pick images I like and feel deserve to sell!


Very good tips!


mani,as usual, another good blog.
one problem is that each site has a different criteria as to what is proper keywording. this makes it even more complicated.
thankfully, i feel Dreamstime is the most liberal and for lack of a better word, most forgiving in what other sites would consider blatant keyword spamming.
no one wants to keyword spam. it hurts sales, and worse, it drives away potential buyers . i am sure everyone here wish they could keyword well...
without having to pay someone to do it.
at least i do.
i am always pressed for time to edit my submission. for this , yes, i most welcome any constructive keyword policing and any effective suggestion is always appreciated.


Very useful for all members,nice article.It is a pleasure to read your blogs:)


great blog, i was browsing thru the site yesterday and found what you're talking about - very interesting and will def check it out once i get some free time :)


Interesting and useful to new users especially.


Great idea! It helps our friends that don't speak very good English and adds to our community spirit here. If Everyone that spoke English well shared their knowledge, maybe we wouldn't see the keyword spamming and keyword copying that people complain about now. ;)


Very useful blog, Maen! I have tried this once, hope I have helped the contributor (newbie or not)!
And feel free to help my images, I would appreciate it!


Good suggestion, Maen. I hope you are spending a lot of time on that. ;))


Good one, sometimes back I earned few cents through this.


:) This would have been helpful a couple of years back. Thanks on the behalf of newbies!

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