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3 colors apple

This is my first photo that I sold, I worked very hard to take this photo, I will explain how to shoot Like this photo

1- you must go to the supermarket and choice the right apple (Take your time to find a very clean and a good color and it is better to take many colors ,,,, Red Green Yellow or mixed)

2- Take a big paper as background (suitable color to the subject)

3- set up your light (it is better if you have a studio but if not you can use any light source like sun or room lights)

4- set up your camera (aperture,shutter speed,white balance)

note: put the ISO at the min number 50,100 or 200 to give a very good result

5- try to take shoot from different angles (Take your time in every shoot)

6- display your shoots and see(if you are not happy with the results repeat step no.3, until you are happy then go to the next step

7- take the best shoot and try to edit it in photoshop ( in my case I changed half of the apple color from red to green)

now you are done

good luck

Photo credits: Nasser Buhamad.

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