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Turned out that my recent adventure trip, One White Man; Travel, was wrapped in the threes in divisible quantities involving 3 continents-Asia, Europe, Africa, 6 countries-Germany, Hungary, France, Tunisia, Greece, Israel, and 9 flights ( I do love the hum of a prop plane).

New RJ Lerich style iconic travel and food images are filtering into the system now as I edit the over 4500 shutter releases little by little.

Look for (in order of the recent adventure): Berlin, Budapest, Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco/Monte Carlo, Tunisia, Carthage, Sidi bou Said, Tunis, Milos, Greek Island, Jerusalem/Masada and Tel-aviv/Jaffa.

And I'm still finishing Colombia from a few months ago!

Once the time frees a bit, my own blog will be forthcoming with my own unique take on travel, situations and the absolutely fascinating people I meet from all walks of life wearing all types of garb, singing their indigenous music and serving the local delights and grog.

Why "One White Man; Travel"? Will explain down the road apiece.

Photo credits: Robert Lerich.

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June 09, 2012


Sounds delightful. I am looking forward to your stories!

June 07, 2012


Surely a great experience,I'd love to be able to travel as much as you apparently do.
Nice pictures!

June 06, 2012


Laura, I plan all my adventures independently and book all flights/hotels by myself after much reading/research. My usual modus operandi is three nights maximum in one location, learn the city/island, get my work done, meet very interesting local people and move on to a new adventure. It always seems to work very well.

June 06, 2012


Really great have the opportunity to travel like these! How you did it???

June 04, 2012


Amazing, you were able to travel all of those places, How long was your trip?

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