only 3 images...

...left. Till my 1st 100$. Oh Lord, won't you buy an image of mine? ;-)

I plan to use this $$$ wise, as my poor old camera C5050 Olympus has suddenly committed suicide by breaking it's batteries locking part and I keep on gathering funds for a new one (oh, well, not a NEW one, I cannot afford it, but another C5050 will do).

Hope I will make it before the fall comes, as it is always so colourful in Poland and I would be sad without a possibility to take a single pic of it :/

Photo credits: Artur Szydłowski.


fall sadness

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August 08, 2007


Well, good luck with buying a new camera, or another C5050. Hope you will catch fall with brand new equipment to shoot beautiful colourful Poland.

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