3 myths about photographing modern abstract architecture

Modern abstract architecture is one of my photographic passions. Being an amateur photographer I am not perfect at it. But I would like to share 3 myths which I noticed prevent photo enthusiasts from shooting this exciting theme.

You have to live in or visit big metropolis. Not true! Of course chances to find interesting angles and shapes are better in New York, Tokyo or Shanghai, but most of my own abstract architecture pictures I made in relatively small city of Vilnius, my hometown and capital of Lithuania. So grab your camera, find nearest modern building in your neighborhood and take a close look at it.

Skyscrapers are the only option. Not true! Residential buildings can also be very inspiring. For instance, look closely at the repetition of balconies and windows and you will be pleasantly surprised. Useful tip: visit construction site right before building is completely finished to avoid balconies filled with people’s stuff.

Good architecture speaks of itself. Not always true! Sometimes the building is overall fantastic, but you struggle to find abstract perspective. On the other hand, the building you pass everyday without noticing can be surprisingly interesting. Just walk and walk around, point your camera in different ways, do not bother to look stupid in the eyes of people passing by and you will find IT. Useful tip: try monochromatic color scheme or single color tint in photo edit if your image does not look abstract enough.

Your next fantastic modern architecture abstract is just around the corner!

And feel free to share other myths or tips about photographing modern abstract architecture.

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December 21, 2016


Really inspiring work!

December 14, 2016


great composition.. thanks for posting

December 13, 2016


The main thing - the idea! Thanks you!

December 10, 2016


Thank you!

December 10, 2016


good work mister photographer :)

December 10, 2016


Thank you all!

December 10, 2016


Great post! Love these pictures! :)

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Photo credits: Cebas1.