3 Posted!!! But not such a good rating.. :(

Alright.. Not off to a very good start but thats ok right? It's a learning process. Apparently I key worded up the wazoo with words that didn't have anything to do with the photos.. I mean it is a stop sign so I thought that words like: Traffic, Cars, Motorcycles, etc.. etc.. would have been alright. I'm sure I put in a few words that really had nothing to do with it like: Ticket or Law.. I also had the tittle in all caps which is also one of the no No's around these parts. I can respect all of this in which I did wrong. I just need to pay more attention to detail in file info. Be more specific and not go of subject when writing descriptions. Sooo I attempted 9 got rejected, fixed the problems, resubmitted 6, and got three rejected with the same rejection notice as the first time.. Sooo now I have a total of 3 accepted and 12 rejected. I'm going to concentrate on getting into the positive excepted percentage from here on out. I've learned my lesson.

Good times here at dreamstime.com

Thanks for stopping bye!!

Photo credits: Glen Erspamer Jr..

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December 03, 2009


Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I do hope to find a home here with Dreamstime.com. There are so many great images, and it's inspiring me to take better photos.

@ Rolmat: After reading the rection notice I went back and changed the keywords. You named all of the keywords that I used. Keeping it simple and to the point of the photo is very good advice. Thanks!

December 03, 2009


Hi, welcome to DT!
It's all about relevancy. Let me help you here, when keywording your images, keep in mind that keywords are supposed to be relevant to your image/illustration, and not "related to" (I don't see a stop word, although I can associate to the shape). Your image is simple, and will "work" for itself, so no need for a lot of keywords. I see a "pole", a "sign" (that is "blank"), a "sky", "clouds", a "cloudy" background, two dominant colors ("red", "blue"), and a "hexagonal" shape. I didn't check your keywords, but here are some relevant ones. Hope this helps, and good luck! ;-)

ETA: same goes for the title and description.

December 03, 2009


great attitude, well done and good luck for your next batch :)

December 03, 2009


3 out of 15 is ok when it's your first time in the business , the best thing to do is to keep your spirit high and enjoy...we all here share a hobby and a love for photography, with time it'll feel very cozy in here believe me.

December 02, 2009


You have a good attitude. Welcome to Dreamstime, you will love it!

December 02, 2009


You are right about it being a learning process! Congrats on the accepted images, welcome to DT and good luck!

December 02, 2009


keep uploading.Great start

December 02, 2009


good luck to you....stock photography is a tough business...nice stop signs...

December 02, 2009


Everybody gets rejections and more at the start; keep trying David.

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