3 Reasons I Love (play) the Stock Rank Game

Many of you have now played the Stock Rank game and I have discovered three reasons I love (or at least play) this game.

1) This game is great at getting a better idea of what sells and what doesn't. I am fairly new to the stock world and being able to go through a lot of images (which have been accepted) in a short amount of time is great. It is even better that I get to instantly see which of these images have sold and which have not. This game has helped me get a better grasp on, not only what fits into the "stock" world, but what sells in this world.

2) This game is great for giving me concept ideas. Seeing forty images in about one minute really gets those creative juices flowing. When I play this game I am always looking at the images and thinking to myself how can I take this concept and tweak it to make it unique. This is especially true of the images I guess wrong on. If I guess wrong, I ask my self, "This is a good image but it has not sold what could be done differently to make this concept more sell-worthy?"

3) Finally this game is addictive. It doesn't take much thought (the timer makes sure you can't put too much thought into your decisions), it moves fast, and the fact that it keeps track of your score and shows it to anyone who visits your profile makes me want to improve that score.

I am sure there are more reasons to play this game, and many of them may be better than these three. However these are some reasons you might consider when playing, or to get you to play. Thank you Dreamstime for sharing this game with your users.

Photo credits: Jacus.

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August 13, 2009


To be in Top 10: very good example for my son )))

August 09, 2009


Until I had read your post I had never given this game much thought... maybe 2 games in all I had tried!

Methinks I should review that position!


August 09, 2009


Yes, I also love the game, for all the reasons mentioned above. In addition to that, it shows you the great quality images that DS has to offer.

August 08, 2009


Hi, I love the game. It is addicting,fun and a learning tool at the same time. I don't take the free downloads. I have way too many of my own.:)

August 08, 2009


Hi I just thought I would add a frustrating part of this game. Maybe you have an answer for this or a resolution. Every once in a while this game freezes up and I hit the reload button and the game treats it as a totally skunked game and I lose 10 or 12 one hundreds of points which get harder to achieve as you go up in rank. So you get the feeling of being robbed. god Bless Peter.

August 07, 2009


LOL, it just isn't right to put up both a beautiful woman and a cockroach.

August 07, 2009


I think the game is addicting as well and fun you find out it is not what you like. But even when I am wrong I will still pick a beautiful woman over a cockroach. Peter

August 07, 2009


I agree - it would be very useful for newbies to play a few rounds before actually starting to submit...

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