3 simple steps to a successful logo design

A well designed logo paves the way to a successful business, and some of the most well sold illustrations in microstock cater towards the needs of small emerging businesses, small entrepreneurs who can’t afford an expensive logo designer or branding company.

The logo is the fundamental graphic element of a brand. It helps to create the identity of the company and must be able to communicate its values and ideals, therefor, if you are designer creating a logo there are a few basic ideas you must keep in mind before proceeding.

1. Simplicity.

There are three basic types of logos: font based, image based and abstract. Before creating a logo keep in mind what kind of businesses you are aiming to draw for, choose your prefered type and begin your work. Keep it simple, clean and clear to draw attention on the essentials of a business and not to the logo itself. Make it catchy by design and not by an abundance of colors, forms, over-the-top fonts. Avoid trends as much as possible, what is in fashion today will probably be obsolete by tomorrow while timeless designs will last over the years with little modifications or need for rebranding.

Vector logo design for beauty salon, hair salon, cosmetic

2. Versatility and uniqueness

A logo should be versatile and adaptable to any shape or surface but also keep its unicity so that any potential business who will desire it can adapt it from a business card to a billboard without losing the essential. For these reasons, a logo should be designed with a vector graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and should look good both in positive and negative, printed on dark or light colors. Creating a vector file will also allow the potential buyer to style it further and adapt it to their business’ needs.

Sharp line icon.

3. A good fit

Study logos of other companies in the business you are looking to design for. This can help you make a general idea on what is popular and what isn’t. Logos must be consistent with what the company wants to convey and with what it offers and sells so, even if you don’t know your potential buyer, imagine you’ve met them and listened to their story, draw your inspiration from real life and do your research.

Vector template of catering company logo.

Just like a good leather glove, the perfect logo will neither be too big or too small, too colorful or too monochrome, too shiny or too dull, too hard or too soft, it will be just the right fit, in other words, it will fit like a glove.

Photo credits: Katerina Chumakova, Irina Karpinchyk, Andrei Krauchuk.

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I am thinking about a logo for my small fun project. It's a travel/culture/sustainable development homestay platform where families in various places, such as most recently a small village in Morocco or most successfully Mongol families in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, can find customers. I'm thinking of something with an "a", integrated with a leaf and a hut somehow? Anyone wants to brainstorm?http://anthropolodgy.com

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