3 Simple Tips for Flower and Fruit Plant Photography

Nature photography is a favorite style or observance of photography, and within nature photography, flowers and fruits are the most common subjects. The focus of Flower is emotion and to make you feel peaceful. Everything existing in the universe is the Fruit of chance and necessity.Flowers & Fruits are bright, colourful and easily available. There are 3 simple tips given below, hope it will help in your preparation & techniques.

1. Weather forecast - Check the forecast before you plan any fruit & flower photography shoots. Wind can make flower close-ups frustrating . A cloudy day will create soft, even lighting, while a sunny day will create more contrast, so you may want to plan your shoot for the light that works best for the shot you have in mind. As with landscape photography, morning and evening are likely to display the best light.

2. Keep in mind the distance from flower & Fruit to background -To create a photo where a flower or fruit is in perfect focus against a blurred background, use the zoom to get closer to the subject and farther from the background. When you zoom in to enlarge the subject, it is more likely that the background will be blurred. It is also important to move closer to the subject , while at the same time keeping some distance between subject and background.Using these three techniques , you can create great pictures with the background beautifully out of focus.These techniques work because every lens has a specific characteristic calledDepth of field .That is the area in front of and behind the subject that, when the subject is in focus, will also appear in focus. When the zoom is used to enlarge the subject, the depth of field becomes shallower, making it more likely that the background will be blurred.Try to adjust the distance between the subject and background as much as possible to achieve this effect & beautiful.

3. Consider in Color balance - Flower & fruit photography often offer a plenty of color, so use the different hues in the image as a compositional tool. Try adjusting your composition with contrast in mind — such as adjusting the angle & light control , so try to use of different colored flowers or fruits aren’t in the same background colour, instead using the surrounding greenery or the sky give you a background of a contrasting color.

Those are just a few ideas meant to help you put the plant photography tips to use. Practice using your eye and your smart phone camera to perfect the colors , light , angles & framing of your photos.

Photo credits: Subha222.

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August 27, 2019


Well thought out blog; thanks. i find that wind and light shade contrast are shot killers!

August 19, 2019


Thank you for this interesting article.

August 01, 2019


Thanks for your useful tips.

July 29, 2019


Great tips! I was recently shooting a frog on a leaf and had no idea how much a little breeze could affect the photo. I kept needing to bump up my shutter speed for what appeared to be a stationary object, though being blown by the wind. William 

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