300 Smiles - Dreamstime

One of the many things I enjoy about dreamstime is the diversity of all the people involved here

This is my 300th image accepted at dreamstime.

And even though some people upload that many in one month and it took me almost two years, some how we all fit in.

Every accepted photo has given my a big smile, inspiration and some healing from some that were rejected.

In some ways it seems like a long time since the first photo was accepted.

But in others it seems like it went by very quickly.

I have met some very friendly caring people here with one heck of a lot of talent and have learned a great deal from them and others that shared their knowledge of photography.

So please join my in my own little celebration of a small goal being met. My passion or obsession, depending on your view continues and I will some day be writing the same stuff for 500 and 1000 but today is just 300 and one more smile.

Stay safe , and keep your shutter snapping,


Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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Congratulations!!!! I am hoping to meet my small goal of 50 sometime in the near future.


I'll pop a cool one to help you celebrate


Totally agree! That's why I'm smiling on my profile photo :)


Add a :-) from me!


Cool Dave,
Congratulations and and I know exactly what you mean. There is a small moment of intense satisfaction every time a new one appears on the screen!

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