300 UPLOADS!!! Double then last post!!

Hello everyone, my last blog was at 150 uploads, now I've double it...Yeah!!!

But, I do need some advises because my images have good number of views but very low sale! Can anybody give me some advise what to change or what to do? I know my images are not always people and objects on white background, but I haven't even sold any of them on DT, the sold ones are totally something different.

That is what is confusing for me. Is this normal for beginners or not?

Thanks in advance everyone for any kind of help.

Best of luck to everyone!!!

This is my 300. photo

Construction fence

Photo credits: Newnow.

Your article must be written in English

August 22, 2014


Thanks everyone for support and special thanks to Perstock for advises...I do have some editorials waiting to upload, maybe they would be interesting..thanks...

August 22, 2014


Nice portfolio, really nice images! Congrats!
For me sales started up on a higher level when I past 700 uploads.
I believe search words are absolutely essential, correct and thoughtfully written - quality. Also, competion is extremely sharp when it comes to business people etc. Just do a search and you find out how many 100K images there are... My strategy is to try to fill in gaps. Find out whats is needed. Also, at least half of my sales are editorial and theese are not at all any news images or celebrities.
Good luck and cheers!

August 22, 2014


Unfortunately, I also have no sales experiences yet, but I find your images very nice. Maybe you should make some more promotions. Or just wait for some more time and success will come :)

August 21, 2014



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