32 Cool Website Templates

There is no special web design category on Dreamstime, but there are many talented artists, who upload professional website and printed media templates, business card templates and so on.

If a web designer wants to buy a template for a web site on Dreamstime, he can do it with regular price under Royalty-Free license. He can use the image in many web pages, but only for one client. If he wants to use it for another client, he needs to buy another RF license. He can't make the image available on his website for download. Giving away for free or reselling template what is bought under the regular Royalty Free license is not permitted.

If designer wants to resell the template as it is or as a part of his design, he should download the file under the web usage extended license (W-EL). This license allows to use the file for up to 10000 copies.

So, DT is a great resource for web designers.

If you are planning to create some website templates for sale, it might be good to check out current webdesign trends.

Here are some interesting articles about it:

Design Trends (Predictions) in 2010 :: by WebDesignerWall

Current Web Design Trends For 2009-2010 :: by ThemeFlash

Maybe one day there will be a web design category as well on DT. :)

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Photo credits: Arenacreative, Bruno1998, Nabeel Zytoon, David Sandonato, Yuliia Lashyna, Macrocozm, Mike Monahan, Michel Mota Da Cruz, Rochakred, Tumanyan, Viktor Gmyria, Vladimirdreams, Artur Żebrowski, Zsolt Ercsei.

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Very interesting! I hadn't realized this before!


I'm not sure, Altaf. I guess it depends on the license under which you bought your image. If you bought it from DT, you should have bought your image under W-EL license to resell it in templates. But I think it's better to ask support. Carmen knows it. And maybe you can replace those images in your templates with your images. You have lots of great ones. :)


I'd never come across these before, very interesting article!


one question, when i create template I normally use images downloaded from stock site, so can I use those in my template to sell??? I hope not, but just wanna know. I have loads of templates as I create three demo template for client, most of the time two remains un used.


Some great templates here, sure clients wont mind their sites looking similar to others when pricing is a factor.


Oh I never thought DT is selling templates, thanks for the share, yeah I agree with Maigi, its after all client choice, I use for my clients, I give them choice, do you need readmade template, if client says yes, then i give them options to choose from, joomla, zencart, flash, mambo, magneto, and many more. Then we customize based on client needs.

Well I guess i need to upload my templates here, as i create a lot of them.


Absolutely right!


LOL Desi... Well, Mani, what about photos? You are using them on your websites also, don't you? I don't see any problems, I intend to be honest with my clients. If they want to pay higher price, they will get unique design, if they choose to pay less and are okay with having several times sold template, it's their choice. They know their choices. They don't blame me, I don't blame them. You just have to be honest. That's all. After all it's the content what makes the site. Design is just a garnishing. :)


Great templates!


These look great! I've never seen them before. Thanks for sharing them Maigi :)


So now you dropped one S :P
You have forgot about the MMADD :)))


Great templates, Maigi! There are so talented people here!
BTW, do you know what MaigiDesign means? Maigi Desi great names!


WOW I confess I never searched for these templates on DT, as I love to use my own creativity! But I confess that they are great! I have one problem with that... These templates might be used by someone else, which doesn't make them a unique or copy righted for a company!
If one day my client can discover that, I will be in big trouble :))

Thanks for sharing them :)

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