32 images accepted in 3 weeks from my registration

Hey guys, I'm in the third week of entry in dreamstime with my 32 images accepted, so far all commercial images.

Yesterday, I brought my first editorial image!

The world of microstock is still very unknown for me and I hope to reach at least 100 images within the next month. I'll make it?

Levi's Belt

Photo credits: Adrianacapuccio.

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November 03, 2014


Rayzer1 Hello, first of all congratulations for the approval of your photos. I do not know answer to your question, I am a newentry and I think my it was just a stroke of luck, my first sales were made at the simple illustrations made for the game. From the profane, I can give you one advice, when I'm about to upload a picture of DT I always ask myself: "I would buy this picture?" I think the first rule is to be self-critical. For the rest ... maybe I'm not the best person to give you advice specific test with someone who has more experience =) Hello!

October 31, 2014


Wow! I uploaded five photos by the app, and one is already approved! Thank you so much, Adriana! It pays to read your blog, that's for sure!
Another question, how do you market so well? I realize you're a professional photographer and have been doing this for years outside of Dreamstime, but do you have any tips for me?

October 30, 2014


Did I comment to you about how quickly your work is getting accepted and sold? I can't find my comment now, or see your article, It happens to you? Just that it was posted. Seems like some great info!

October 30, 2014


I'm also a new comer to dreamstime -- waiting for more photos to get approved

October 30, 2014


Congratulations! Keep it up!

October 29, 2014


I am sure you will make 100 soon. Keep it up. Cheers.. :)

October 29, 2014


keep going, you will make 100 in no time! I think I sell 50/50 between rf and editorial... I love shooting editorial! it also gives me a good chance to get out and see unusual things and places. have fun!

October 29, 2014


Good! Great job! Good luck here on DT ..

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