385 images online and 7 downloads

I am so happy.

This morning, I have 385 images online and I sold one more image.

When I begun in dreamstime, seven months ago, I could not imagine thses numbers are possible.

I have few knowledges with stock photos, but in last months, I have read many articles in this site and I have learned something new.

Thanks for Dreamstime and fot the members who write the articles.

I will continue my stock photos study to colaborate further in this site.

Skyscraper, Frankfurt, Germany

Photo credits: Joana Santos.
Joana Santos
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  • Rio Tinto, Portugal
I love travel. I love to see the people of the different countries. And I love to photographe all these to learn and remember.

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September 07, 2015

It's really good. Congratulations. I have 166 images online and 138 sales so far. But it took quite some time.


September 07, 2015

That's awesome, congrats! What are your monthly/yearly goals for DT?


September 07, 2015

Congrats!!! keep it up!!


September 05, 2015

You have some wonderful photographs from many different places.
It just takes time and patience to sell them.
Best wishes and keep uploading.


September 05, 2015

hope u well sell


September 05, 2015

Keep learning, keep shooting and keep uploading. Well done


September 04, 2015

Congrats for you and best luck on more sales! ^_^


September 04, 2015

Nice picture and the best wish to you!


September 04, 2015

Best luck for more sales to come :)!


September 04, 2015

I'm glad for you, best wishes !


September 04, 2015

Best wishes. Keep doing the good work